Plavi Orkestar - Goodbye Teens

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Plavi orkestar (English: Blue Orchestra) is one of the most popular bands from former Yugoslavia. The band was founded in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1983.

The band has remained popular to the present day with 8 albums and more than 3500 concerts worldwide. The band was formed in 1983 by Saša Lošić aka Loša who was the lead singer and songwriter of the group.

In the winter of 1984/1985, the band's first album Soldatski bal (Soldier's Ball) was recorded in SIM studio, Zagreb. From this album the band had many hit singles such as "Suada", "Medena curice" (Honey Girl), "Odlazi nam raja" (Our Friends are Leaving), "Bolje biti pijan nego star" (Better to be Drunk than Old!), "Goodbye teens", and the title track, "Soldatski bal". The album's lyrics were formed following Loša's experiences whilst serving the army. Their second album "Smrt Fašizmu" ("Death to the Facism") was more poitics-oriented and was considerd a let-down compared to their debut even though it sold very well and gathered a few hits, most notably "Fa-Fa-Fašista". After "Smrt Fašizmu" album, they got back on track and continued writing folk inspired pop-rock love songs, and gathered a lot of hits, most of them considered evergreen in the former Yugoslavia nowadays, like "Lovac i Košuta" , "Ljubi se Istok i Zapad" (a cover of Mamas and papas "California dreaming") , "Ako su to samo bile laži" and "Odlazim".

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